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EPM Integration Updates

As previously discussed EPM 9.0 shops need to deploy the HCM9 Integration Update in order to bring data from HRMS version 9.0. One additional thing to know is that integration updates need to be deployed into a separate project if you are running datastage on Linux because of the file sytem constraint on the number sublevel directories in ext2. If you are running more than one warehouse area (ie. HCM + SCM) it is required that the delivered ETL jobs for all of them remain grouped together in the same datastage project as hash files are not visible to jobs outside of it.

Don’t go too fast about rolling out your EPM 9.0 OWS jobs if your source system is HCM 9.0

So, last week Simran and I rolled out all the delivered jobs that populate the operational data store (a.k.a. OWS and/or staging area) in PeopleSoft EPM (Enterprise Performance Warehouse) for the Human Capital Management system. We noticed that beside some really weird “Abnormal termination of stage” errors in the DataStage ETL logs most of the issues were related to missing database objects either in the source HRMS schema or in our warehouse database. After talking to one of our hired guns (cool consultants) we were told it is somehow rare for PeopleSoft to have this kind of issues, almost as rare as for them to remove columns from records between releases. We opened a new SR in metalink very quickly got on the phone with a very nice support engineer that clarified the issue. We found out EPM 9.0 as delivered out of the box is designed to source all the OWS tables from HRMS 8.9, if you need to get your staging tables populated with data from the HRMS 9.0 you need to get¬† a different set of jobs that are generally referred to as “Integration Updates”, there are several sets to source data from different versions of PeopleSoft and Enterprise One, if you want the detailed information go to Metalink3 and under the knowledge tab and search for keyword¬† 679264 (Doc. ID 650224.1).

Now before finish I want to thank Frank from Oracle support and clarify that these integration updates only replace the OWS jobs, OWE and MDX get built usin the jobs delivered out of the box with EPM 9.0.